Handmade Soap VS. Store bought “Soap”

Homemade Hand Soap over Store bought "SOAP"

Many customers have various, interesting, and thoughtful questions when it comes to the benefits of Homemade Hand Soap.

“Is it better than store bought soap? and why?”

“Why is homemade hand soap more expensive?”


“Why would I buy a $6 bar of soap when I can get one from the store for $2?”

These are great questions!

First off, Homemade Hand Soap is allowed to be called “Soap” because it truly is! Meaning, the word “Soap” is not allowed to be used on any bodily cleansing product UNLESS it was actually handcrafted. Have you notice the so-called ‘soaps’ at stores are not called soap? Rather, they are labeled as “beauty bars” or “Moisturizing bars”. That’s because these impostor soaps are not soaps at all! They are in fact synthetic Detergents stripped of all their lavish oils. Detergents! You might as well be washing yourself with Tide or Ajax!

Detergent as body soap? not cool 🙁

Second, these impostor soaps (detergents) contain NO glycerin within them. Glycerin is a natural concoction that moisturizes skin. WHY don’t these fake soaps have this important ingredient known as glycerin? Because not only is it an expensive ingredient, the glycerin is stripped from these fake soaps and put into lotion, there by forcing the customer to buy a fake soap that dries out skin only to have to buy a lotion to moisturize it, when in the end, all one has to do is buy a REAL soap that has glycerin still in it. Problem solved!

And third, your skin absorbs a high percentage of what you put on it (60% and up!), so you want to make sure what you put on your skin is healthy and natural! Homemade Hand Soaps are made with nourishing oils that moisturize and soothe skin while “impostor soaps” (aka beauty bars) are made with many lab made chemicals. Lots of Homemade Hand Soap makers (such as Prairie Soap Suds & More) infuse lots of natural skin nourishing remedies to help with the appearance, brightness, and overall wellness of the skin. It’s hard to find (if any) a ‘fake soap’ that can work wonders like that!

Although chemicals in ‘fake soap’ are not harmful to everyone, many don’t know how their skin and body will react to said chemicals until your skin absorbs it. Either the body will filter out these bad chemicals, or cause a bad reaction. Homemade Hand Soaps are not toxic and anything absorbed from them is pure skin loving goodness.

Another plus: Homemade Hand Soaps are biodegradable! Which is something ‘impostor soap/detergents’ are not, these chemicals are being washed down the drain of showers and who knows where it ends up and what kind of harm it may do.

So, next time you pick up a slice of elegantly crafted, sweet smelling homemade hand soap, remember all the benefits you can receive by scrubbing your body with something all natural and skin nourishing!

Scrubby scrubby your hard working day away!