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Here at Prairie Soap Suds & More I am all about personal care products that I can feel safe, secure and trust in. Prairie Soap Suds & More strives to produce the most natural products that contains no chemicals and provide a product that I know I can be proud of. All of my products contain natural ingredients that provide deep moisture and gives you a relaxed feeling.

Here at Prairie Soap Suds & MOre the base of my soaps consists of olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and "natural" castor oil.

Prairie Soap Suds & More is a strong believer in recycling. I offer all of my customers an option to recycle the used containers and I only use reusable packaging material so a safer cleaner environment. All packaging material is cleaned and sterilized before use even all recycled packaging I receive back from my faithful and loving customers.

All of my hand and body soaps are made using the cold process method which requires a cure time of no less than four (4) weeks to ensure all water has evaporated and produce and solid hard body bar.  Cold process method allows for intricate colours and swirls that give each bar a unique design. As each batch are made in small quantities colours and designs will vary. These are not produced in a factory but made directly in my home.

Here at Prairie Soap Suds & More I can insure that no chemicals or detergents are used in any of my personal care products. As I make all products myself by hand I can pass this assurance on to you with confidence.

All products I offer I use and test myself. Once I feel the product passes my personal inspection I give them to my family and receive feedback on any changes they would like to see. Once the products are perfected I then pass those products on to you. Please come back often as products are added and updated as they become available. I hope you enjoy this site and look forward to providing you the most natural products with no chemicals or detergents to give your body the breath of freshness it deserves.All products are produced from scratch along with labelling and packaging made by me personally.

Here are some useful links you may enjoy for making your own products at home (come back often as recipes are uploaded and updated):


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*About Prairie Soap Suds & More*

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*About Prairie Soap Suds & More*